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All of our Burgers are made with 100% Premium Ground Beef & served with McCain Fries, Salad & Dressing.
Make it your own by adding extra toppings.
Choose 1/4lb (single) or 1/2lb (double).

De-Luxe Burger

Beef Burger
From: £3.50

Cheese Burger

With a Slice of Cheese
From: £3.70

Bacon Burger

With Bacon & a Slice of Cheese
From: £3.90

Hawaiian Burger

With a Pineapple Ring & a Slice of Cheese
From: £3.80

Chicken Burger

From: £3.80

Miami Burger

With Mozzarella & Bell Peppers
From: £3.90

Bolognese Burger

With Bolognese
From: £4.00

Garlic Burger

With Fresh Garlic
From: £3.70

Chilli Burger

With Chilli Sauce
From: £3.70

Pepperoni Burger

With Pepperoni & Cheese
From: £3.90

Vegetarian Burger

From: £3.70